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Little John Arrows

Specialist in Wooden arrows

Welcome to Little John Arrows. All of our arrows are made as a special order for you the Customer. We do a whole range of arrows from basic club arrows through to barrelled footed arrows. We are able to meet most Archers' requirements, so if you do not see the specifications that you are after please contact us with your enquiry.

Little John Arrows Logo

We are extremely proud of our arrows and apply the same high level of workmanship to all of our arrows. As a mark of quality all off our arrows display our Little John Arrow logo.

We offer arrows made from Boyton Pine. These Scandinavian Pine shafts are made to a very high standard; the timber is carefully selected by Chris Boyton. His machining process provides a very high standard of perfectly round and straight shafts with also straight grain. Excellent shafts for all types of traditional archery. Highly recommended.

POC Shafts
Sitka Spruce Shafts

We also offer shafts made from Sitka Spruce. Sitka Spruce has always been known for its high strength and low weight ratio. We import these shafts in from the USA, the timber is grown between California and Alaska. The shafts are made to a high standard and are ideal for all types of traditional archery. Excellent shafts.

To ensure we accurately spine the shafts, we use a Flight-Rite Professional Spine Tester. We can spine match shafts within 1 spine depending or your requirements.

Spine Tester
Trueflight Feathers

The fletchings that we use are made by Trueflight Feathers. Trueflight have been the world leader in arrow fletching for over 50 years. The prices quoted are for solid colour fletchings and up to either 3 or 4 as stated. If you require either barred or larger fletchings there will be an additional charge.